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TSM® Services, Inc., established in 1984 at Catlin, Illinois, assists fertilizer dealers and their growers with the comprehensive soil fertility program Total Soil Management®, making fertilizer recommendations on over 90 different crops on all soil types.
The TSM® soil fertility program
holds to strict standards.
  • TSM® is agronomically sound. All principles
    are based on reputable research and practices.
    No "magic potions", just solid agronomics.

  • TSM® is economically sound. Our company helps the grower increase net profits for a maximum return on fertilizer costs.

  • TSM® is environmentally sound. Environmental considerations are factored into each recommendation.

TSM® soil fertility recommendations are calculated with the grower in mind.

  • Our main goal is to eliminate soil fertility problems which can limit yield. This in turn helps achieve maximum economic yield.

  • Each grower controls the fertilizer budget but usually budgeting is determined by what dollar amounts would be spent in conventional programs. Pelleted lime is also recommended and should be figured as an additional part of the budget.

  • With the TSM® program our goal is to provide the correct soil fertility and pH for each crop, which can reduce plant stress and improve both soil tilth and water management along with increasing yield.

  • For those growers with livestock we can help with manure management, moving toward the goal of balanced soil fertility using both the manure and commercial fertilizer.

  • Each grower receives a soil fertility plan by farm and by field on an annual basis.

  • This program is effective on both no-till and conventional tillage, with recommendations designed to establish a proper relationship and balance of nutrients which will enhance crop performance.

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