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Illinois TSM®  Dealers Back to Top

 Crop Production Services - Catlin, IL
          Address:  Lyons Rd.,  P.O.  Box 530,  Catlin, IL  61817
          Contact:  Randy Snyder    Phone: (217) 427-2181
          Corporate web site:  www.cropproductionservices.com
 Illiana Seed - Danville, IL
          Address:  12959 E. 2750 North Rd.,  Danville, IL  61834
          Contact:  Tom Kentner    Phone: (217) 286-3562
 The Maschhoffs - Carlyle, Il
          Address:  7475 State Rt. 127,  Carlyle, IL  62231
          Contact:  John Kroeger    Phone: (618) 594-2125
          Web site:  www.themaschhoffs.com
 Mont Eagle Mills, Inc. - (Chauncey) at Sumner, IL
          Address:  R.R. 2 Box 188,  Sumner, IL  62466
          Contact:  Michael Kistner    Phone: (618)-947-2231
          Web site:  www.monteaglemills.com
 Mont Eagle Mills, Inc. - Flat Rock, IL
          Address:  Main & Mill St.,  P.O. Box 188,
          Flat Rock, IL  62427-0188
          Contact:  Doug Benson    Phone: (618)-584-3222
          Web site:  www.monteaglemills.com
 Mont Eagle Mills, Inc. - Lawrenceville, IL
          Address:  R.R. 4, Box 167A,  Lawrenceville, IL  62439
          Contact:  Steve Paddick    Phone: (618)-943-4047
          Web site:  www.monteaglemills.com
 Mont Eagle Mills, Inc. - Oblong, IL
          Address:  804 West Main St.,  Oblong, IL  62449
          Contact:  Eric Eubank    Phone: (618)-592-4211
          Web site:  www.monteaglemills.com
 Mont Eagle Mills, Inc. - Ste. Marie, IL
          Address:  South Main St.,  Ste. Marie, IL  62459
          Contact:  Matt Ochs    Phone: (618)-455-3202
          Web site:  www.monteaglemills.com
 Prairie States Warehouse - Danville, IL
          Address:  3400 E. Jones Rd.,  Danville, IL  61834
          Contact:  Greg Allen    Phone: (217) 443-0260
 Sidell Agri-Services - Sidell, IL
          Address:  Chicago & Market St.,  Sidell, IL  61876
          Contact:  Jim Patton    Phone: (217) 288-9441
 Southern FS, Boles, IL
          Address:  Rt. 37 N.  Boles, IL  62909-9999
          Contact:  Mike Kerley    Phone: (618) 658-8326
          Boles info on corporate web site:  www.southernfs.com
 Southern FS, Cobden, IL
          Address:  200 Jamestown Rd.,  Cobden, IL  62920
          Contact:  Jim Shannon    Phone: (618) 893-4522
          Cobden info on corporate web site:  www.southernfs.com
 TSM Services, Inc - Catlin, IL
          Address:  106 E. Commercial St.,  P.O.  Box 860,  Catlin, IL  61817
          Contact:  Larry Schonert    Phone: (217) 427-5984
          Web site:  www.totalsoil.com

Indiana TSM®  Dealers Back to Top

 Ag Plus, Inc., Raber Ag Center, - Columbia City, IN
          Address:  5480 S. Raber Rd.,  Columbia City, IN  46725
          Contact:  Michael Sims    Phone: (260) 244-5188
          Web site:  www.agplusinc.com
 Ag Plus, Inc. - South Whitley, IN
          Address:  401 N. Main,  P. O. Box 306,  South Whitley, IN  46787
          Contact:  Tom Warner    Phone: (219) 723-5141
          Web site:  www.agplusinc.com
 Anderson's Fertilizer Service, Inc. - Romney, IN
          Address:  527 W. 1150 S.,  P. O. Box 4,  Romney, IN  47981
          Contact:  Doug Anderson    Phone:(765) 538-3285
 Custer Grain Company, Inc - Garrett, IN
          Address:  2006 C. R. 48,  R. R. # 1,  Garrett, IN  46738
          Contact:  Pat Crow    Phone: (219) 357-5432
 R & C Farm Supplies, Inc. - Haubstadt, IN
          Address:  235 E. State Rd. 68,  P.O.  Box 468,  Haubstadt, IN  47639
          Contact:  Charlie Adamson    Phone: (812) 768-6200
 Traylor Fertilizer Service, Inc. - Montgomery, IN
          Address:  248 Railroad St.,  P.O.  Box 68,  Montgomery, IN  47558
          Contact:  Greg or Brad Traylor    Phone: (812) 486-3285
          Web site:  www.traylorfertilizer.com

Iowa TSM®  Dealers Back to Top

 Dunkerton Co-op - Dunkerton, IA
          Address:  509 W. Dunkerton St.,  P.O.  Box 286,  Dunkerton, IA  50626
          Contact:  Kent Thompson    Phone: (319) 822-4291
          Web site:  www.dunkertoncoop.com
 F. J. Krob & Co. - Ely, IA
          Address:  1705 Dows St.,  P.O.  Box 159,  Ely, IA  52227
          Contact:  David Krob    Phone: (319) 848-4161
          Web site:  www.fjkrob.com
 F. J. Krob & Co. - Rowley, IA
          Address:  Ely St.,  P.O.  Box 202,  Rowley, IA  52329
          Contact:  Russ Olsen    Phone: (319) 938-2216
          Web site:  www.fjkrob.com
 F. J. Krob & Co. - Solon, IA
          Address:  1003 Stinocher Street,  P.O.  Box 159,  Solon, IA  52333
          Contact:  Mark Krob    Phone: (319) 644-3770
          Web site:  www.fjkrob.com
 F. J. Krob & Co. - Walker, IA
          Address:  Market St.,  P.O.  Box 98,  Walker, IA  52352
          Contact:  Mike Krob    Phone: (319) 448-4393
          Web site:  www.fjkrob.com
 Schmidt Ag Service - Dewitt, IA
          Address:  3357 220th St.,  DeWitt, IA  52742
          Contact:  Michael Schmidt    Phone: (563) 522-2300
          Web site:  www.schmidtag.com

Michigan TSM®  Dealers Back to Top

 Lapeer Grain East - Imlay City, MI
          Address:  104 E. Second St.,  Imlay City, MI  48444
          Contact:  Ray Graham    Phone: (810) 724-4915
          Web site:  www.lapeergrain.com
 Lapeer Grain East - Lapeer, MI
          Address:  265 Howard St.,  Lapeer, MI  48446-0648
          Contact:  Steve Jarvis    Phone: (810) 664-2907
          Web site:  www.lapeergrain.com
 Leslie Farm Center - Leslie, MI
          Address:  304 E. Bellview,  Leslie, MI  49251
          Phone: (517) 589-8248
          Web site:  www.masonelevator.com/lesliefarmstore.html
 Mason Elevator Company - Mason, MI
          Address:  104 S. Lansing St.,  Mason, MI  48854
          Contact:  Russ McCalla    Phone: (517) 676-1016
          Web site:  www.masonelevator.com

Minnesota TSM®  Dealers Back to Top

 BLT Seed - Worthington, MN
          Address:  36892  290th St.,  Worthington, MN  56187
          Contact:  Bernie Thiner    Phone: (507) 376-5921
          Web site:  www.bltseed.com

Ohio TSM®  Dealers Back to Top

 C & B Farm Supply - Mt. Sterling, OH
          Address:  18186 Five Points Pike,  Mt. Sterling, OH 43143
          Contact:  Richard Clifton    Phone: (614) 869-2715
 Deerfield Farms Ag Service - Deerfield, OH
          Address:  9041 St. Rd. 224,  P.O.  Box 155,  Deerfield, OH 44411-0155
          Contact:  Matt Lesco    Phone: (330) 584-4715
          Web site:  www.deerfieldfarms.com
 Maria Stein Grain - Maria Stein, OH
          Address:  8078 Marion Drive,  Maria Stein, OH  45860
          Contact:  Mark Burgman    Phone: (419) 925-6211
 United Equity - Delphos, OH
          Address:  104 S. Main   P.O. Box 398,  Delphos, OH 45833
          Phone: (419) 692-0811
 United Equity - Spencerville, OH
          Address:  05672 State Rd. 197,  Spencerville, OH 45887
          Contact:  Dick Heitz    Phone: (419) 657-6788

Pennsylvania TSM®  Dealers Back to Top

 Growmark FS - Blairsville, PA
          Address:  Route 22 East,  RR 1, Box 101,  Blairsville, PA 15717
          Contact:  Paul Masula    Phone: (412) 459-7830
 Growmark FS - Curryville, PA
          Address:  SR 866,  P.O.  Box 93,  Curryville, PA 16631
          Contact:  Sam Evans    Phone: (814) 793-3664
 Walker's Farm Service - Somerset, PA
          Address:  1694 N. Center Ave.,  Somerset, PA 15501
          Contact:  Jeff Walker    Phone: (814) 445-5177

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